What is a communication vehicle?

What is a communication vehicle?
It is a specific form of message that will carry the content or central ideas from a sender. The key of all is that communication vehicles have clear rules and guidelines that allow to encode a concept or idea and enhance the use of certain symbols and signs for it. Thus we find that a vehicle of communication can be: a speech, a talk, a lecture, a magazine, a podcast, a song, an aria, a melody, a poem, an academic book, a story, a newspaper column, a video , a film, a painting, a sculpture, a dancing, and even if it is carrying an idea, we can also include architectural designs, textile designs, and paralinguistic language used specifically to communicate something on purpose.

How it works?
There are a variety of these types, as mentioned, each with clear rules holds out the idea. The function is simple, the issuer must meet these standards, as in the case of a magazine, where we know that it has a certain space, signs (which may be the words and images, colors and shapes) and a cultural interpretation that will know how to put these elements to convey something.

What is it used?
Each communicative vehicle has a specific audience that knows the instruction to decode it. This characteristic allows us as senders to define more clearly how we should address the audience to understand what they mean. Therefore, we can state that the vehicle communication is essential to define exactly how a content must be transmitted to someone or something.


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