What is Web 1.0?

What is Web 1.0?
Websites that are developed on this platform only offer one-way information. This mean the user cannot interact with the website or with the information and elements that are displayed. It aims to be a brochure or a book on the Internet, where the webmaster upload content and where the users can only read it without making any comments or communication with the webmaster through this site.

How does it work?
Since the early 60's when they first used these sites until know, the logical sequence of operation is simple. The engineer or web designer use programming language to create a site. Then they link different elements in the website with files that will be made available to the public who use the WWW. Now a days webmakers uses HTML language to gives more movement to the site and make it a nicer place to include information, however participation is impossible.

What is for?
As we have said, the Web 1.0 is a term that allows us to describe the Internet world when participation is not allowed.


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