What is a blog?

What is a blog?
It is a mass media on the Internet that merges the modality of the diary, a book in which the user publishes his thoughts, and the one of the binnacle or log, where the user makes a registration of what happens on some topic in particular.

It is a website that allows a user to have a website in which it can be created, published and continually updated content in an easy and quickly way. Most blogs allow owners to enable the possibility to have answers by visitors to the blog. It also has the feature to provide publications in chronological order to maintain, usually the most current at the beginning.

How it works?
In general, blogs are usually a shared network space for a general server. That is, blogger.com is the Internet company that has servers. By registering for the blogger page, it gives you a space on the Internet, but to access it, also offers you a variety of tools such as "Creation of entries" or "Design" which gives you control over the content and the way of your blog.

Each company has different tools blogs that meet the needs of its users, although the most common is to submit the section to create entries or contents and to shape the section blog, changing colors, forms or arrangement of the elements of the page.

What is it for?
Many of the blogs have allowed people to approach the possibility of publishing content on different subjects (technology, education, politics, religion, personal, music, etc.). If you previously needed a publisher and a printing press to publicize your ideas, now just need a computer, a theme and style that will capture the readers of blogs.

The blogs have turned the Internet users into communicators allowing them to show their point of view to anyone who comes to their website.


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